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Esta es un lista de Mexicanos-Americans

Lista[editar | revisa codigo]

Boxers[editar | revisa codigo]

Football Players[editar | revisa codigo]

Tony Romo
Mark Sanchez

Golfers[editar | revisa codigo]

Martial Artists[editar | revisa codigo]

Mia Rosales St. John

Soccer Players[editar | revisa codigo]

Carlos Bocanegra
Ramiro Corrales

Wrestlers[editar | revisa codigo]

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Other Fields of Sports[editar | revisa codigo]

Pancho Gonzales In Australia (1954)
Tony Alva
Earl Watson

Entertainment[editar | revisa codigo]

Actors & Actresses[editar | revisa codigo]

Salma Hayek

Directors & Filmmakers[editar | revisa codigo]

Edward James Olmos

Models[editar | revisa codigo]

Eve Torres

Musicians and music groups[editar | revisa codigo]

Linda Ronstadt
Zack De La Rocha
Carlos Santana
Julieta Venegas

Authors & Poets[editar | revisa codigo]

Journalists[editar | revisa codigo]

Visual Arts[editar | revisa codigo]

Kat Von D

Political Figures[editar | revisa codigo]

Romualdo Pacheco Governor of California
Bill Richardson
Ken Salazar
Romana Acosta Bañuelos

Military[editar | revisa codigo]

General Richard E. Cavazos
Archivo:Benavidez MOHceremony.jpg
Medal of Honor recipient, Roy Benevidez
Guy Gabaldon


Scholars and educators[editar | revisa codigo]

Lauro Cavazos

Science and technology[editar | revisa codigo]

Ellen Ochoa
Jose Hernandez

Civil Rights Leaders & Community Activists[editar | revisa codigo]

Religion[editar | revisa codigo]

Business People & Entrepreneurs[editar | revisa codigo]

Hector Barreto

Others[editar | revisa codigo]

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